Nothing permanent except change

Let no one take for granted that the Internet and the World Wide Web will always be or that they will always be the same.  The bigger the phenomenon the more immoveable, immutable, it seems, particularly if it has existed for your whole life.  Enormous entities engender a feeling of permanence.

But Naughton’s article and so much that has happened since remind us that nothing about the Internet is guaranteed.  What learners need to know is this: the Internet, the most powerful tool for your education needs your tending.

What a wild idea, that something so big might need protection, might need your own personal action.  And what a stretch to believe that my actions could matter to a thing so big.  Few None of my formal educational experiences promoted the idea that I had agency.  Read this, memorize that, regurgitate the other.  Sit still.  Be quiet.

Higher education must find a way to empower learners.  To show them that it’s worth taking action; that their actions will matter.  That it is possible that you could learn enough about something to propose a valid solution, or argue effectively for a certain course of action.  That things are doable and need doing.

This post is a response to the writing prompt for Week 2 of #OpenLearning18.

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